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The Treachery of Izaya - Durarara!! AU - Myth
Author's Note: This was a "myth" written for a school project not long ago, and since I based the characters off of Shizuo and Izaya (their names spelled differently in the story by intention), I wanted to post it and share it with you all just as a small treat while I catch up with updating my main fanfictions! I really hope you'll bare with me long enough ^^" Really sorry for my ever-lastingly long update periods.
~ ~ ~
The Treachery of Isiah
You may wonder where thunder, or lightning stings from. Where exactly do those electrifying bolts that rain down from a dark cloud truly come from? Well, there was once a serene man that lived in those very clouds. He still lives there, but he is not afraid of the thunder or the lightning, nor is he serene, His name was Heiwagima, and this is a tale of a friend's, repulsing treachery.
~ ~ ~
“Heiwagima, sir, the Lett sisters are having troubles. Should I assist them?”
A coy, almost whisper-like voice rang out. The
:iconcrykunanime:CryKunAnime 9 2
Izaya Orihara's Switchblade by MasterHarper Izaya Orihara's Switchblade :iconmasterharper:MasterHarper 16 7
Night Light - short film :iconqinni:Qinni 37,774 5,130
[Shizuo x Izaya] Alive
Shizuo never knew he needed someone like him.
He was infuriating. He was annoying. He was an overall nuisance.
But it was still his job to be the one to end him and not anyone else’s.
So when the news was broadcasted that Izaya Orihara had been shot in the middle of the street last night, it definitely came as a shock. In all the years that he had known the flea, Izaya never got hurt. He always chased the informant down, trying to catch him and pumble him to death. But the truth was, he was never really trying to kill anyone.
“Wake up, damn flea!”
Izaya sat up groggily, rubbing the sleep from his eyes before glancing over to the blonde seated in the open chair beside his hospital bed. “What are you doing here?” the informant narrowed his eyes, partly from the blinding hospital lights and partl
:iconsasukefan778:sasukefan778 37 12
[Shizuo x Izaya] Movie Lines AU
Prompt: “You cut me in line and that’s really not cool but when I tried to call you out on it, you turned around and I discovered you’re very hot and my brain forgot how to words”
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
“Um, excuse me…” he began in attempt to get the attention of the man in front of him in line.
“Hey,” he spoke up again, to no avail.
Finally, Shizuo was fed up with this stranger’s obliviousness and decided to take action, grabbing the raven-haired man by the shoulder of his fur-lined coat and swiveling him around to look him in the eyes and tell it to him straight that he’d just rudely cut him in line.
“Look, asshat--” the blonde raged, but stopped mid-sentence when he caught a glimpse of the offender’s face.
Shit. He’s hot.
“Can I help you?” he asked, tilting his head to the side slightly as his h
:iconsasukefan778:sasukefan778 23 6
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  • Listening to: Japanese Music and Popular American Music
  • Reading: Naruto, Bleach, HSDKenichi, Psyren,and other manga
  • Watching: Ray William Johnson and the anime above
  • Playing: My Flute
  • Eating: chocolate, candy, and bbq ribs
  • Drinking: water, milk, or soda
Hi there, people.
Oh God. I don't even know where to start. *cries* Well as you can tell by the title, this is about Allegiant of the Divergent trilogy. So I'll make it clear right now: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALLEGIANT YET, THEN DO NOT CONTINUE. THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD.
So I finished it this Wednesday on a trip. I was racing with a friend to see who could finish it faster and  won. But oh my god. I was not at all prepared for it. The ending. Made. Me. Cry. So. Very. Hard. I've been reading fanfiction and tumblr for a good portion of my day just to come to terms with it. Yes. Tris dies. Tris is DEAD. And it's similar to situations that she has survived before, though obviously more extreme. I didn't think David would have the heart to shoot Tris first off. I expected Tris to do that, but I also expected Caleb to be stubborn or take it back right as she was about to go in or save the day at the end or SOMETHING. NOT JUST LET IT HAPPEN. Seriously. It would have redeemed him as a character. In my eyes, at least. And if not that, I was kind of hoping that Matthew would have secretly been immune (through inoculation) to the death serum and would have gone in and saved her at the last minute. God, I really really wanted Tris to live. I didn't even think it was true until Cara told Tobias about it. *sobs* I cried so hard. And it took so long for her death to hit me (until the Epilogue). 
I know I'm focusing on the end, but only because I have the most to say about it and I originally wanted this to be short. I, at first, had trouble with POVs as it changed from Tris to Tobias and back. But then I realized that they are in fact similar people (which might have been on purpose to make it easier to write). But there are slight differences. I learned to love Tobias's POV. To me, he was more talkative in his thoughts. Which I liked. I felt so very bad for him at the end. I was like "*sob* Poor Four! Poor Fourtris! *sob* Why oh why?" I honestly would've cried for longer (15 minutes), but I was on a trip... And now I'm just numb about it. Like I want to forget that it ever happened.
Don't get me wrong. I don't hate it (anymore). In that period, I hated the ending and Veronica Roth. But now I see why. Not that I like it. More like I respect it now. And I'm numb of course because I'm a sucker for romance. I really wanted Fourtris to have a happy ending hence fanfiction. But there are only a few good ones...
I am so going to cry during the Divergent movie... I can't wait though... And I am so getting Tobias's short stories book. 
I kind of wish that there was more in the ending. Like them reuniting in death. Or an alternate ending would have been great. One fanfiction I've seen is called "Resurgent" and I really like that title for an alternate ending. 
In the book, there were some funny jokes, which were far and few. Then the attempts at jealousy were kind of pathetic (at least, to me). Nita and Matthew. Ha. That was funny. And Nita's rebellion was such a hassle. And really badly planned. Like it was just put in there. And not very well at that. It was for the sole purpose of creating a rift between Tobias and Tris. Honestly. Ugh. Whatever. On another topic, I do like how the second rebellion shows all sides of Tris. You all should know what I mean by that. Oh and when I finished I realized something. The point of the cute fluffy moments was to satiate us in preparation  for Tris's... death. And the point of the POVs was not as much to show both of their personalities as much as it was to keep the story going after her death. 
The ending WAS amazing. As plot development or really to wrap up the book. Heartbreaking, but almost necessary to end the book showing Tris's character . And it really did capture her character. Though I really didn't like how she broke her promise with Tobias. I felt so incredibly sad about it. And then the way she died. By getting shot? Really? I'm glad she survived the death serum (Of course, I knew that was coming), but getting shot was.. I don't know... Not right. And I have yet to figure out how I would have wanted that to happen, but definitely not like her getting shot. She's survived so many of those situations (getting shot, not death serum) that I just didn't find it fitting for her. AND SHE PROMISED TOBIAS THAT SHE WOULD STAY WITH HIM. Goodness. She should learn to stop breaking her promises with him. Poor Four. 
Another thing: There are so many deaths. In the whole series. It's countless. I'm not even going to try.  And the memory serum and death serum gave the government too much power over others. It was way too much. But I liked Tris's idea. Which worked of course. 
TORI AND URIAH. Just a quick tribute to them. They were too young to die (as was Tris of course). 
Veronica Roth did break a rule of YA in this book. Many know what I'm talking about already. And that is the rule that you must not kill off the main characters (the heroine really), WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID. I'm not hating. Seriously. Just stating this common rule. She went a bit too far past atypical. To me. 
That stuff about GPs and GDs was utter f***ing garbage. Omg. Wtf. Totally messed up world. I don't even fully understand what it means to be a genetically damaged person. Like how do you even tell? What makes them different? How and why are GDs susceptible to serums more so than GPs? 
By the way, the cute moments between Fourtris are so cute and did satisfy me, but not enough to be even slightly ok with Tris dying. They were great. I do have a question: In THAT scene, did they have sex or not? I would greatly appreciate an answer.
"Fire that burns that bright isn't meant to last" This quote is said by Tobias (thought really) and it's utter BS to me. It's just to justify killing Tris off. Strong people don't have a shorter life than others. It doesn't mean that every strong, brave, selfless, intelligent person has to sacrifice himself or herself. Like seriously. It was good, but it didn't have to happen that way. Killing off so many characters I mean.
I can't think about this anymore. So I'm just going to drown myself in homework and fanfiction for a while. Hopefully finish lots of work and find some good fanfiction. It was good and sad and emotional, but it could have been better. I read a post on tumblr about how after reading Allegiant the poster felt like reading Mockingjay to cheer up. It was entertaining. I will also go on tumblr and scroll down very far. Throughout the week. I enjoyed reading Allegiant even through my tears and I hope others understand my thoughts. 
*This is unedited. Meaning all of this are my raw thoughts and I have not looked at any of it after writing it. All I know is that this is much much longer than I intended.


monkeymillionair's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Vanessa. Mi nombre es Vanessa. Je m'appelle Vanessa. I speak English, a bit of Spanish, and a little tiny bit of French. Hablo ingles, un poco de espanol y un pocito de frances. Je parle anglaise, un petit de espagnol et un petit peu de fracaise. (in this im gonna write w/ good grammar but if u talk 2 me then ull kno how horrible my grammar can b)
I am a Narutard, a Bleachtard, and I love Anime/ Manga. My favorite sports are tennis, swimming, fencing, horse back riding, and I love dancing at parties. I play the flute, alto sax (although I'm not that good at it), and I like drumming (I suck at it though). One of my favorite hobbies is DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and I'm actually good at it!

My favorite Naruto pairings are NaruSaku, NaruHina (yes I love them both), FemNaruSasu (well I'm actually starting to like FemNaruShika and such other pairings more), NaruIno, and NaruTen (especially when there's Sakura Bashing) also HinaKiba, Shikatema, NejiTen, SasuKarin, SasuDeath, or SasuOC, MinaKushi, ObitoRin, InoCho, InoSai, KakaRin, KakaAyame, IrukaAnko, PeinKonan, AsuKure, ShinoOC, and GaaraOC, GaaMatsu, or GaaSari!! (Tell me about any other good pairings that aren't here and if I like any of them I'll add them!) (Btw some of this might have changed cause I don't feel like going over this and correcting it. Same thing for everything else I wrote here. But my favorite character is still Naruto!)

Pairings I'm ok with are ShikaIno, JiraiyaTsunade, LeeTen, KakaShiz, IrukaShiz, and very few yaoi pairings like KakaIruka (kinda and it's not that I'm against it, it's just that I don't really prefer it)!

*Spoiler Alert On*
I've got a lot of favorite characters in Naruto! Also, it should be Naruto Uzumaki NAMIKAZE, his dad is Minato NAMIKAZE!
*Spoiler Alert Off*

My favorite pairings, hmm, lets see, I do like IchiRuki more than Ichihime (although Ichihime isnt THAT bad), RanGin's pretty good, YoruHara's pretty good 2, i like Toshiro to be with either Karin, Hiyori, or Soifon (for now), and after watching Bleach Movie 1 IchiSenna (it was SOOO sad!!)!

So my favorite characters are Ichigo, Tensa Zangetsu, Rukia, Orihime, Toshiro, Shunsui, Rangiku, Kaien, Jushiro, Soifon, Isshin, Karin, Ururu, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Renji, Byakuya, Uryu, Chad, Nel, Yamada, Unoohana, Isane, Momo, Hisagi, Yachiru, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Nemu, and others!

I could go on about myself, but i'm to lazy to do it. So go to my journals and click on the one that says "About ME!!" for more info or just ask! (Some of what I wrote there might have changed as well cause I have some opinions now that differ from then.)

Current Residence: Somewhere in this world
Favourite genre of music: Pop, rap, rock, and most of the naruto theme songs
Favourite photographer: ... dunno
Favourite style of art: anime style and naruto/bleach style
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Wallpaper of choice: naruto/bleach wallpaper
Skin of choice: my skin thank u very much
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto-kun, Ichigo-kun, Kenichi-kun, Ageha-kun, and Amamiya-chan
Personal Quote: Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain


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